Company Profile

Oparn is a small business that sells trendy and fashionable handicrafts from Asia. All items are handmade and fashion accessories, made by various artists and designers. The products are designed especially for those who seek to buy something different and unique. These items are not mass produced. Each design is made in small quantities and limited, even sometimes only one piece and one design only for the customer's pride.

What Does OPARN Stand For?

Numerology Definition For OPARN

The life path number of OPARN is 1. The destiny number 1 is one of the most important figures within numerology, because it symbolizes the origin of life. The destiny number one is the symbol of a new beginning and is considered to be the number of God. At the same time 1 is also the basis for all other numbers. This suggests that people with this life number can obtain strong fundamental skills in their lives. The destiny number or even the life number 1 ensures that a person has a particularly strong ability to analyze things objectively and to draw conclusions. Therefore it is not surprising that many inventors and explorers have one as their destiny number. People with the life number 1 have a consolidated view of the world in general and can prevail under any circumstances. This condition in conjunction with their innate sense of responsibility makes them the ideal leaders. By bringing a lot of creativity and innovation to the table, they often make it very far, especially on a professional level. People with the destiny number 1 can't be thrown easily off their rails, because they have a special inner as well as an external force. However it is often observed that they are swayed by their own successes, which can result in them developing a certain amount of arrogance. Most people with this life number always want to be independent. Sometimes independence is achieved by being too selfish and dominant, which always leads to tensions mainly in their relationships but also in other areas of life. People who are able to properly understand and classify number ones know the necessary tolerance needed for their conduct and will soon find very loyal and reliable friends that can always by relied on. The name number one stands for people who are under the influence of the sun. The sun is a symbol of a strong will and an almost unshakable belief in yourself. People with the name number 1 are not easily forgotten by anyone, because they understand very well how to draw attention to themselves in a variety of situations. In conjunction with the destiny number 1 people with the name number one can handle themselves very well in life and therefore definitely do not belong to the losers, because they cannot be so easily dissuaded from their targets. They always walk straight and undeterred their own way.

What Does OPARN Mean? All letters defined.

All letters found in words like have their own meanings in Astrology. Here is a list of all acronyms for these letters.

  • OPARN (letter O)
    Masters planet for people who start with the letter O is the sun. They go their own way like a pioneer. People who have an O in the name are successful, stable and often dominant. They have good judgment. O is the divine form. All Divine has a round or oval shape: planet, the universe and galaxies. An O stands for spirituality, the material but also for impatience.

  • OPARN (letter P)
    When you have a P their name are helpful and approachable. The P makes it's carrier stubborn and often selfish, then responsible again. P is the point of power. You will play the first violin. People with a P are interested in music, stones and strong power. They are open for learning. The P brings extra energy from the cosmos, which provides the knowledge of the galaxy.

  • OPARN (letter A)
    All individuals who have a name starting with A are ruled by the sun. People who have an A in their name are creative, powerful and often successful. A is a creation letter and stands for consciousness, stability and the beginning. The A is similar to a house, a skeleton of a pyramid or a ladder. This means you can climb up and see the world. All names starting with this letter such as Alexander or Anton were often incarnated in Atlantis. A stands for wisdom and provision, the connection to the platonic world. In this life, you have a duty to say something, to develop or discover something creative.

  • OPARN (letter R)
    People who have a R in the name have a good visual imagination and great skills to empathize. R stands for distribution and mind. Moreover an R represents the element of fire. And the fire is well known matter change. This letter can sometimes make you moody. It brings extra energy to the earth and your etheric body.

  • OPARN (letter N)
    People with a N in the name are good listeners and therapists. You can give peace and love people. The other side of the coin is a sharp mind and a desire to go again and again on the offensive. This frequency can be very tactless. One wants to assert itself and acts without regard to others. Incidentally the N also looks like a lightning bolt or a heart diagram and therefore represents life. N is very stable and provides security by battle.